Sunday, April 06, 2014

Coffee - Know Your Long Blacks From Your Flat Whites ...

I rarely drink alcohol, certainly not when I'm out and about - my motorcycle license is just too precious to me.

But I am a caffeinista - a lover of good coffee. Real coffee. Which is why I frequent local, independant coffee shops instead of the local branch of a national chain with a dubious tax record.

But there are still some people who get a little shy and confused over what coffee to order. What's in an American? What the hell is a Ristretto.

Can't I just have, you know, a coffee ?

Here's a really good guide from this week's Independent Newspaper as a cheat sheet, so next time you waltz in the door, you can order with confidence. :-)
"What beans are you using? Which brew methods? If I go in a shop, I'm asking: what have you got on filter? Who's it roasted by? Where are the beans from?" says Dan Hobson of Flat White, in London's Soho. "Then I'll get a bit nerdier and ask for tasting notes. I'm a real geek."
And my two favourite hang-outs?

In my local area, Surbiton, in Surrey, it's The Pressroom Cafe. When in London, it's Look Mum No Hands! - I'd go to both places even if it was just for the brews, but they're also very chilled environments for contemplating life.

If that's what you fancy. :-)