Tuesday, January 07, 2014

#Ubuntu #Linux Upgrading - Why It's Better To Wait ...

13.10 - Do you actually *need* it?
As official support for 13.04 'Ringtail' ends soon and Canonical encourage users to upgrade, I tweeted earlier today that users should *not* upgrade to 13.10 'Salamander'. So let me explain why, seeing as I've had a lot of requests.

Ubuntu releases come in two 'flavours' : Regular and LTS

Regular releases are rather short-term - six-monthly, to be precise, in April and October, hence the .4 and .10 designations. Yes, 13.10 comes *after* 13.4.

Sure, upgrade if you want, to get new features - but if you examine the Release Notes for the new version and don't see anything there that will totally rock your world, then why upgrade? You many end up losing settings or introducing a new program version that won't play nicely with others.

LTS releases, however, are different. Canonical decided that every fourth release, issued on a two-year basis, would receive this long-term support, and *this* is where you want to upgrade. This is where major changes occur - any other releases are generally tweaks. The next LTS is 14.04 - that's only 3 months away. You can wait that long.

I'm currently very happy with 12.04 'Pangolin' - which is fully supported until 2017. That's a long way off. Come April, yes, I'll jump to 14.04 'Tahr', because it has a few features I want, and it's supported until 2019.

If It Ain't Broke ....