Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting The @BTSport 6030/VC019 Error ... ?

Having opted for BT Broadband (Infinity) over Virgin just three weeks ago, for the BT Sport channels, life as a sports fan has been underwhelming, as we've been hit by the now infamous 6030/VC019 error.

... No, it doesn't.
For the uninitiated, this error code is about all you get to see, half the time, when trying to watch one of these new channels, using the online application at And it's not just me - try searching for 'vc019 error code' and you'll see that various forums are jam-packed full of 1000's of others in the same boat.

The problem lies with a piece of software called Silverlight. Designed by MicroSoft, it's a bit like Adobe Flash - except that Flash actually works as it's supposed to. How on Earth BT came to the decision to use Silverlight is beyond comprehension - I have no idea what they were smoking at that particular meeting but I reckon someone said 'Let's use Silverlight' as a joke, the minute-taker wrote it all down, and someone was told to implement it.

Silverlight is not cutting edge. It's old, flaky, and unreliable. Microsoft haven't updated it for nearly two years and, frankly, IT insiders know full well that it's one of Microsoft's mistakes that they'd rather forget about - and frankly, sweep it right under the carpet. So BT's choice of Silverlight is rather mystifying.

To add salt to the wound, just days after we opted for BT, our second-choice provider Virgin announced they would carry the channels. Now we are locked into a BT contract that doesn't provide us with a service that works.

So what do we do? Try the Customer Care Line? Technical Support? Look, I'm a total tech-head and *I'm* struggling with fixing this. Most Tech Lines Staff can't go further than the basic fixes - and if they worked we wouldn't be in this mess.

But we have a solution. Oh, boy, do we !

Seeing as this is a clearly a faulty (I would personally say naive and incompetent) implementation, we are not being provided with the service we have paid for, and BT are still advertising despite knowing about this serious issue, we've decided to go the legal route. A group of us have been conversing on Twitter and Skype about options, and having discussed the matter with solicitors who are technology specialists, we believe we have a strong case.

We have also had conversations with national print and broadcast media, who are awaiting our response from BT before examining the issue further.

We'll keep you updated.



Wow, thanks already for all the responses. Yes, we're all pissed off about this, and hopefully a reply from BT or some news from our meeting tonight will move things along. Thanks again!