Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do You Know Victims Of Domestic Violence? Give Them #OneVoice ...

No more.
As a male of the species, one of things I hate most is male violence against women.

It belittles all of us. It degrades those who are the victims, those who allow it to happen, and those who fail to protect and help the vulnerable.

I've written about this before, here and here, and I am certainly not alone in this opinion - as the campaign Men Against Violence (@MAV_Preston on Twitter) testifies.

A campaign has recently come to my attention which aims to provide support to victims, past and present: support which is sadly lacking within current legal or social services, or even government policy.

Founded and run by Eve Thomas (EveThomas40 on Twitter), The #OneVoice Campaign is worthy of your attention and your support.

The campaign's Mission Statement is to provide:

No more.
"A pool of resources for all abuse. Charity contacts and diverting people to sources and information, providing fund raising opportunities, initiating talks and change."

One of the campaign's main aims is :

"A victim of domestic violence/abuse should never be held in contempt of court and face prison for withholding their flee/safe address. This is an infringement of human rights and reveals a dangerous conflict in domestic legislation and human rights and puts victims in direct danger."

I never actually knew that safe/flee addresses were *not* protected? Eve appeals to all Westminster MPs to get behind her campaign, and she even has an endorsement from President Barack Obama to back her up.

The site also contains lots of important advice, and contact details for help and support.

No more.
So. It's time to act. Please support their national campaign to protect victims of domestic violence and their children.

Here is the link.

Eve, the founder of OneVoice, is a former victim herself of this kind of abuse - and has come through the other side of that dark place, stronger, and very determined to change things. And I applaud her for it.

The OneVoice Facebook page is here. Please 'Like' and spread the word.