Saturday, September 14, 2013

@BTCare Reply On The #VC019 Issue ... Effectively, it's "Not Our Problem" ...

Further to previous posts on the #VC019 error which has stopped so many, possibly 1000's, of BT Sport subscribers actually watching the service they've paid for, here's the reply from BT Care - also known as BT "We Don't Really Care At All".

It's dismissive, apparently final, and completely unhelpful.

We are therefore exploring other avenues, such as legal action and/or national media.

From BTCare:
We have no known issues with our on line player or App at this time and what you are advising is computer related and this is not something that we could take up on your behalf as we do not maintain your computer and its operating system. I am sorry that I am unable to offer assistance on this issue for you.
And that's pretty much it.

And my response: 
"We have no known issues with our on line player"

I see.

"I am sorry that I am unable to offer assistance on this issue for you."
So, to summarise:

Although after many, many hours of frustrating work, I have managed to get the three machines in my own household working, the group of subscribers I represent (see previous email) still have 19 of 43 machines still unable to view BT Sport via the online app - despite having up-to-date operating systems and up-to-date software, and yet are still being charged.

To say that we are disappointed is an understatement - disappointed in a very poor implementation, and in poor technical support. This matter all stems from BT's ill-informed choice of SilverLight as it's media streamer, and BT's reluctance to take responsibility for that decision.
We will have a further online meeting in a few days time after I disseminate your reply and allow time for perusal.

It is highly likely that each individual subscriber will be applying individually for a rebate or reduction in subscription for a service that is not being supplied. The possible actions afterwards are, as previously mentioned, legal action and national print and broadcast media attention.
As I mentioned in my reply, I have finally succeeded in getting BT Sport online app actually working in the three machines in my household - but that is after *hours* of research and hours of implementation - and I'm very IT-literate. God knows what a struggle it is for those less so.

We continue to investigate other avenues.