Thursday, April 04, 2013

ScandiCrime Is Back on #BBC4 - 'The Blinded Man' ...

Those of us with withdrawal symptoms - after series III of The Killing (or Forbrydelsen) and the distinct lack of TV showing of the missing Wallander's - will be glad to know that ScandiCrime is back on BBC4 !

This Saturday sees the introduction of a new team of 'tecs to the screen in Arne Dahl's 'The Blinded Man - from his 1998 book 'Misterioso' - on BBC4 as the Beeb continues - albeit with a break - it's talent for finding the best European Crime Drama.

The Intercrime Group

The Blinded Man introduces us to the Intercrime Group, a scratched-together team of detectives with varying skills charged with solving three murders.

This is the first of five two-part shows - so we have a good ten weekends to look forward to. I've seen a preview of the show - and it's very different from previous Scandinavian shows - less violence, more actual detection, and more interplay between the characters.

Seven very different personalties - Not a 'Sarah Lund' among them

The BBC4 show preview is here - but for the real lowdown I'd suggest you check out my favourite Crime Fiction website - Dead Good Books, with their article.

Les Revenants has become a cult already.
And more - the BBC article confirms the return of Bron ('The Bridge') next winter, and elsewhere I hear that Channel 4 will show the much-talked-about French sci-fi crime thriller and already cult classic Rebound (Les Revenants) - a unique piece of work that will shock you.

The only problem for me is that I'm currently in Norway on a motorcycle break. Hopefully I'll be back by Saturday - with a bit of good fortune, I should just be pulling the motorcycle in to the driveway as the opening credits roll.

If not, it'll be BBC iPlayer on catchup for me - so no tweeting the plot, please :-)