Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Bridge - BBC Does It Again With The New Scandi-Crime ...

The Bridge's Saga and Martin, two very real characters.
I still can't fathom why we Brits can't make stylish crime dramas like 'The Bridge' - and like 'Wallander' and 'The Killing' before it.

It's not just because it's Scandinavian - I thought 'Borgen' and 'Those Who Kill' were rather average. But 'The Bridge'... Damn, I have to rearrange my calendar around all the transmission times. It is *the* must-see for me, and I'm *not* a big TV watcher.

Headhunters - showing now.
Perhaps it's because my main intro to TV crime drama is being an avid reader - particularly detective and crime novels. Both 'The Bridge' and 'The Killing' were long-drawn out affairs over a whole series (similair, depth-wise, to a novel) not 'episodic' with a new murder and the perpetrator always found before the hour is up.

And, btw, talking of Scandinavian crime writers... can't wait to see Headhunters, the 'Jo Nesbo' movie this weekend... A Norwegian film which is being released, deservedly, in 50 countries.