Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Chaps, It's Tweed Run Time ... !

I say! Well, next weekend is the London Tweed Run 2012, a day when dashing young chaps and young ladies dress ever so stylishly and ride rather spiffing classic bicycles through the streets of our dear old London to a destination where we all have tea, cake and probably gin.

Registration for entries has been closed for some time, as it's just such a popular event. It's even made it's way to the colonies, with similair events now held in our former territories of America and Australia.

So if one is loitering in the Capital next Sunday, do wave us on, won't you? There's a nice chap. Jolly good!

In the meantime, here's one of those picture-show thingies a chap shot and beautifully edited...

Toodleoo for now...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

All You Need To Know About The English Defence League

The English Defence League, a Neo-Nazi Far-Right extremist group against the Islamic Faith will try today - and fail again - to hold a mass rally in Brighton, possibly one of the UK's most tolerant cities. This is all you need to know in one, easy graphic.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Do Not Care What Car You Drive ...

Found this on a random Twitter post. Apologies to original poster - I can't find any credit. But I love it.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Raspberry Pi - Brilliant British Technology, Back To Basics Computing ...

It really is this small.
It costs £16 and it's a full-blown computer only slightly bigger than a credit card. And it's a little piece of magic. And it's British.

And I'm expecting delivery of mine *real* soon.

The optional case
The Raspberry Pi is a single-board unit with an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, VideoCore IV GPU, graphics unit, and 256 Megabytes of RAM. It uses an SD card for booting and long-term storage, and it will network nicely. It runs Linux (Fedora, Debian or Arch) and support Python.

An early prototype
Developed with David Braben, programmer of Elite, one of the best computer games of all time, it allows users, particularly children, to get into the workings of a computer and actually *make* it do what you want it to do. Perhaps now IT Teaching in schools will make the step-change it needs to keep Britain at tye leading edge of technology in the next few decades.

Yes, the geeks of the future will learn their stuff on a Raspberry.