Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Battle For Blackfriars Bridge ...

Ok, so on Wednesday evening I joined several hundred, possibly 2000, other cyclists in an intentional slow flashride at 20mph (when we could manage it) in protest at the redesign and new speed limits.

This is the 3rd flashride on the site - and here's why:

The limit on the Bridge is 20mph (read: 30mph) As TFL are in the process of a redesign of the traffic layout, they want to increase the limit to 30mph (read:40mph). In line with the redevelopment of Blackfriars Station, TfL is persisting with £550 million re-development plans for the road system, aiming to increase the speed limit from 20mph to 30mph and increase the lanes on the busy thoroughfare from two to three. Several serious crashes have been reported on the bridge this year.

Politicians from all major groups have noted the danger of the current road layout, and Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said more work needs to be done on the accessibility of cycling over the bridge. But nothing has been changed.

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