Saturday, September 03, 2011

Tower Hamlets Demo Ends In EDL Failure And Community Victory ...

An EDL 'Warrior'
The Fascist, Nazi thugs of the EDL tried to invade the London Borough of Tower Hamlets today, and failed miserably.

Local community groups, along with a whole host of various Anti-Fascist organisations, set up a cordon and protected the area, which includes the famous Brick Lane and Cable Street (scene of another famous anti-fascist event), and when it was clear the EDL would come nowhere near, proceeded to hold a carnival-like celebration party for the day.

A robust policing operation corralled the EDL and the offshoot NWI (North West Infidels) from Liverpool Street, Kings Cross Stations and their Coach Park at Tooley Street to a single point at Aldgate for a 'static' demonstration - then back again to their dispersal points.

EDL trapped at Aldgate
A few small groups of EDL/NWI 'warriors' got split out from the main body, but were seen to remove and hide their colours, and melt into the crowds.

Already (at 6.20pm) there are recriminations appearing on EDL Facebook pages, with the EDL now saying that they "never intended to go to Tower Hamlets anyway".

For a National Event, with only about 1000 EDL members showing up, this has been a very dissappointing day for the 'warriors'. Is this really the best they can do? Even better news is that EDL self-appointed 'leader' Stephen Yaxley AKA Stephen Lennon AKA 'Tommy Robinson' was arrested today for breaching his bail. (Post Script - this info came from the EDL itself but was found to be incorrect. But Stephen Yaxley did breach his bail conditions and 'will hand himself in' according to EDL)