Thursday, September 22, 2011

'Reverse Graffiti' In Rotherhithe Tunnel ...

As much as I'm a fan of 'Street Art' (ok, graffiti - some of it is beautiful) the problem is how do you make a real point about vehicle emission pollution without, er, breaking the law... ?

Well, how about this - a pro-cycling, anti-pollution 'graffiti' - created not by spraying or painting, but by cleaning ... !

The Rotherhithe Tunnel in London - opened in 1908 - is the dirtiest, smelliest tunnel you can imagine. Even car drivers hate it - and it's brutal cycling through it. A 2003 survey rated it the tenth most dangerous tunnel in the whole of Europe due to its poor safety features. But the worst thing is the choking fumes.

Cycling = Pollution Solution

So pressure group Climate Rush tried this new trick by actually scrubbing away at the dirty bricks to remove the layers of grime caused by years of traffic.

Absolute genius.

Full article and more images are here.