Thursday, September 01, 2011

Greenbelt 11 - Dreams Of Home ...

Well, GreenBelt 2011 Festival was epic.

My first time at the Christian, Multi-Faith Arts & Music Festival in Cheltenham, which ran from Friday 'till Monday but I was there Thursday till Tuesday as a Volunteer Steward (Go, Hermione Team!).

The wonderful Mavis Staples
So many separate venues, with music, comedy, spoken word, DJ sets, discussions, workshops and activities, literature, dance and performing arts. Genuinely something for all.

Billy Bragg : Still cool
Having done Marshalling, Stewarding and Security at various Sports, Biker & Rock Events I can honestly say that GB11 was just the most fulfilling, friendliest festival I've ever known.

Milton Jones : Brilliant
On shift a lot (and teaching at the Social Media Surgeries, and lots of sessions in The Tank 'Net Cafe) meant I couldn't catch up with all the shows I wanted, but I caught most of Billy Bragg's set, some of Mark Thomas, and Milton Jones too (actually a colleague of mine (Amanda from the YMCA) actually banned Milton from his own gig for 5 minutes as he was without the required wristband. Oops.) Mavis Staples on the final night, at age 62, was wonderful.

And full marks to the Walkway Choir. You know who you are.

Hermione Team : 100% Epic
The Stewarding Team was all quite young (yes, I WAS the old guy) but sharp as a button, hard working, and so friendly to all. You can't do the job if you're not. And they we're all very slightly mad. Animal one-sies appear to be 'in' this year.

(Note for 2012: Must spend more time at events and less time at bacon roll stand.

Psalm on a Hoody
Main Stage
As for faith; having struggled with mine for years, and having come to this event mainly within my role as a YMCA volunteer with little expectation of new inspiration, I unexpectedly found my beliefs jump-started again.

You cannot be around GreenBelt without having your trust in there being so many good people in the world reinforced.

Finally, the now infamous GB11 Walkway Choir brings you their version of Bo'Rap :

If this video doesn't show, the YouTube link is here.

 .. And there are a few photos here.