Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sports: Football vs Cycling ...

Well, one game in to the Premiership and already we have too much attitude, diving and feigning, simulation, physical assault, trying to con the referee, claiming innocence when you're booked or sent off, managers blindly defending their players regardless of circumstances and TV pundits doing the same.

And that's just in one game (Arsenal vs Newcastle) ...

Meanwhile Mark Cavendish was today winning the London-Surrey Cycle Classic in style, a man revered in Europe as a superstar. He is utterly dominant in his sport - and the fastest man in the world on two wheels.

There are several reasons why sadly cycling will probably never be as popular as football in the UK, never grab the headlines, and never receive the recognition it deserves; It's because:
  1. It doesn't have any balls;
  2. It last for longer than 90 minutes;
  3. It doesn't have any balls;
  4. It's complicated;
  5. It doesn't have any balls;
  6. When cyclists get (really) injured they get back on the bike and get on with it. 
When football players grow a pair and 'man-up' I'll watch it a bit more, until then, most football players need to hand back their 'man-cards'.