Monday, August 15, 2011

Rock, Paper, Politics Blog : Housing ...

The Rock, Paper, Politics blog to which I contributed last month is themed this month on the huge issue of Housing in the UK : particularly in the news when those who are currently just 'charged' with involvement in the London Riots (and elsewhere) are already facing eviction from their local authority housing.

As a volunteer with YMCA I see the rough end of the housing issue most days, dealing on a regular basis with former homeless persons of all ages, for all reasons, trying to get back to leading a new life with a place they can be safe in.

I know one young man who lived in a shed for 8 years; another that couch-surfed for 3 years; another that spent a year sleeping in a Sainsburys Car Park. I know many others that have left unstable homes or had to leave through domestic violence.
Some have lost their homes and relationships through alcohol, or drugs, but a shocking number have become homeless simply through poorly though-out or badly applied government regulations and legislation.