Sunday, July 03, 2011

Launch of the Rock, Paper Politics Blog ...

A few months ago several Twitterers (many part of the famed #pufflesmassive (don't ask) jointly had the idea of a new Blog project, where some of us with generally centrist-to-left-wing stances could write on a chosen theme from several different viewpoints, to reach a wider audience and to contrast our standpoints.

I am very pleased to say that Rock Paper Politics went live about an hour ago.

The first theme was 'Beyond Party Politics' - a subject I have wrote about before, and I am honoured to be one of the first initial contributing writers.

In his introduction, editor Steven Sumpter writes:
We intend to be a bit like a magazine with a theme for each issue. We will decide the theme through discussion on our forum and commission articles from anyone willing to write about it. We are not party affiliated, although many of us are towards what many would call the left end of the political spectrum. And that leads me to our first topic; beyond party politics. We have six articles for you to read and discuss, and we look forward to the debate.
You can read all six articles here, and my own article is here.

Please feel free to read, comment and criticise as you see fit. Many of you will disagree with our writing; we expect that.

Actually, we're looking forward to it.