Monday, July 11, 2011

The Hard Men Of The Tour De France ...

Radioshack's Janez Brajkovic
As sports fans we're all a bit pissed off when a football player goes down as if shot by a sniper, or rolls on the ground in feigned agony after a 'tap' on the ankle.

The riders in the Tour De France are a bit different ...
Johnny Hoogerland tangles with a barb-wire fence and loses

Team Vacansoleil rider Johnny Hoogerland was not only forced off the road by a French TV car yesterday in Stage 9 of this years Tour, but somersaulted into and over a barbed-wire fence, resulting in the injuries you see above.

Hoogerland in the wires
Then.. he got back on his bike and completed the stage, arriving at the days finish to applause. He will continue on the Tour, starting Stage 10 tomorrow as scheduled.

It's been a brutal Tour so far, numerous accidents and injuries, several top riders out of the Tour, including Britain's Bradley Wiggins with a broken collar bone.

This is routine for the hard men of the Tour. They expect it, and they are not dissappointed.

This is the reason pro-cyclists have their legs shaved - nothing to do with aerodynamics, just that it's easier to apply and remove the multiple bandages they need every season.

Football players, hang your heads in shame.

Sky's Bradley Wiggins