Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Benefits (?) Of PTSD ...

An article in todays Guardian suggests that those with the condition might actually benefit from their experience.

Homeless charities have reported that a very high proportion of the homeless in London – perhaps as much as 50% – used to be in the armed services.

It has been shown, too, that many weren't able to readjust to ordinary society after combat; they either mutated into vagrancy or found themselves locked up. These people came out of the combat zone, having killed or seen people killed: that became their conditioned behaviour. If they are not allowed to readjust back into society where the rules are different, if there's no rite of passage for coming back in, then the potential for trouble in their life is high.

However, "Recurrent flashbacks, although extremely distressing, are faithful memories that give repeated opportunities to learn precisely what happened – and in a group therapy setting, where those experiences can be shared, my own observation has echoed George's: that not only is recovery likely, but that you can grow from it as well."

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