Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Limited Compassion ... ?

Amy Winehouse: I admit it. I'm struggling to feel much compassion for her. Sorry.

Flame me if you will, but every day I see and deal with ordinary people living good lives on very low budgets. Yes, Amy Winehouse was talented, unbridled and outspoken - but she was also rich enough - and weak enough - to inject most of her money into her veins and smoke or drink the rest. She had warning after warning, from everybody around her..

Addiction is an illness, I know (I work with recovering alcoholics and drug users.) But most people, with support and determination, can overcome the addiction - If they want to. Seems to me, she just didn't want to. Regardless of her music (which I'm not a big fan of, btw) Amy's extreme hedonistic lifestyle took it's price.

Her death is no less painful to her family and friends than any other death of a young person in their twenties.

Should we mourn those soldiers in their twenties (and teens) who are killed in Helmand more, or less? Those teenagers in Norway? We should mourn each death equally.

But I must admit, I find it hard to do so.