Thursday, June 30, 2011

Minimalism, Not: Average UK Child Owns £1,677 In Clothes ...

I've been a staunch advocate of Minimalism for a long time... but this report in the Daily Fail left me rather bemused. I know that parents so often say that bringing up kids is expensive but perhaps this is one reason why ...
Four out of 10 children are now dressed in designer clothes by the age of two, a survey has found.

The average child has more than 154 items in their wardrobe, worth £1,677, and shoes worth more than £190, according to the research.

It also found that the average parent admitted buying more than 64 items of new clothing for their child in the past year, with 66 per cent saying they had bought their children clothes which had been worn only once.
The report goes on to say "Thirty nine per cent felt it was their 'duty' to keep their children up-to-date, with more than a third worrying that their child would be bullied if they were not wearing the 'right' clothes."

Apart from the issue of gross commercialisation (and sexualisation) of children, it seems that these suckers are ripe for plucking by the clothing industry - it is sales by guilt.

It also installs in these children an expectation of always having the best at no cost (to them) - which comes as quite a surprise when they grow up and have to buy it themselves.

Many of these parents might also consider themselves as either 'green' or at least aware of environmental issues, while happily purchasing an item of clothing which has travelled around the world, for their little precious to wear only once.

It also reinforces the erroneous concept that people - even children - are what they wear. You are not what you wear, or own, for if you are, and you lose what you own, what or who are you?

Sadly, this is not a lesson that parents seem keen to teach their children.