Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HMRC No Longer Fit For Purpose ...

In an era of cuts to Public Services, and upcoming strikes, the economic focus shifts inevitable to the tax we pay. Or don't.

The cases of Vodafone, Peter Green, et al, and their various underhand and immoral methods of tax avoidance has dragged attention away from a more critical point - that HMRC is no longer able to do it's job. Currently, UK big business are disputing a total of £25bn in tax – equivalent to a year's spending cuts.

HMRC's failure in the Vodafone case (£6 Billion Tax revenue lost) in particular is evidence enough, on it's own, that HMRC needs serious overhaul and new legislation - simply in order to fulfil it's current remit. Will this happen? No.

The current Coalition Government is far too cosy with it's business friends to enact further tax legislation on them, let alone chase them for the tax they owe under current laws.

And the current 'chairpersons' of HMRC hardly fill us with confidence :
Is it any wonder why both extreme groups and ordinary citizens are taking action?