Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The 'Beast' Gets A Fix From Dr. Bike ...

The 'Beast', Mk 10
The 'Beast' was ridden hard to Regent's Park over the weekend for the London Green Fair, where one of the always excellent 'Dr. Bike' guys took a close look at my problem front gears.

Verdict: My front chain ring has missing teeth, anyway, so it needs replacement. No point doing anything else until that's fixed. I kinda knew that, anyway, but it's always good to get a 2nd opinion.

The old 'Beast'
For those not following recently - the 'Beast' was a hybrid made from the parts of 9 bikes - and now 10, as I was given a very tasty Claud Butler frame. For free. Yup. So I proceeded to strip everything - everything - from the old machine, and piece by piece transfer them over to the Butler.

A full days work, a bit of fine tuning, and the 'Beast' Mk 10 is silently gliding along Surrey streets...

Still need to work on those front gears, though.