Monday, May 09, 2011

The WTW Moonwalk - Next Weekend ... !

Next Weekend is the legendary London MoonWalk !

This year I'm running Cycle Marshall Team 'B' - so we'll be out on the route, helping, directing, protecting and encouraging all the wonderful walkers.

It's a privilege take care of you all!

Moonwalk City, Hyde Park
This, of course, is the massive London event organised by 'Walk The Walk' (total raised - £59 Million over 14 years) where thousands of women, (and not a few men) walk a 26-and-a-bit mile marathon distance around the beautiful centre of London. At night. Err, wearing a fetchingly decorated bra.

Moonwalk City, Hyde Park
It's also happening in Edinburgh, and even Iceland this year. But for London - it's going to be another epic. 'Moonwalk City' is already built in Hyde Park.

If you're walking the walk this year - we'll be there for you.

This absolutely brilliant video from last year's MoonWalk is my favourite: