Monday, May 09, 2011

Seething Wells Community Sports Day - Chaotic, Anarchic, and Wonderful ... !

Remember those dark days at school when you were forced to wear grotty plimsolls and take part in the egg-and-spoon, the sack race, and the legendary three-legged? With all children allocated to 'houses' ?

The events
These classic British events are long-gone in many schools - but the Seething Wells Community brought them back on Saturday at the Community Sports Day - for adults as well as kids. It was a warm, sunny day for families, for picnics, and of course a day to celebrate the local legend of Lefi the Goat Boy (it's a long story) ...

Cheese Rolling
At Victoria Park in Surbiton, marquees promoting local sports clubs and organisations, some local food (and of course a beer tent) surrounded the field of battle where all the action took place. In the spirit of the day, the rule-enforcing was quite rightly flexible... (usually dependant on the age of the competitor!) and all the better for it - a little handicapping, perhaps, to help the young 'uns catch up!

Sack Race
But rules were strictly enforced for adults - (even for the local community WPC who entered the egg-and-spoon race and was clearly seen to 'thumb' the egg in place.)

Three Legged Race

The day culminated in a hard-fought tug-of-war tournament with between 20 and 30 adults and kids on either end, before the awards ceremony. In the end I didn't even find out which 'house' won - but it really didn't matter!

Kings Soup Race
What a mad, anarchic, fun day - something that the Seething Wells Community - driven by Robin H - seems to specialize in, with events such as Bread Roll Golf, Ski Sunday (in Summer), Hungry Hippos, The Giant MouseTrap, the Life-Size Buckaroo and of course the celebration of the Legend of Lefi The Goat Boy.

Even the weather gods smiled - a light drizzle stopped a few hours before the event - then started again a few hours after the finish!