Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best Ever DumbBell Workout ...

As a keen cyclist, I have perfect cyclist's legs - absolutely rock-solid, chiselled calves and thighs. Sadly this is not so true of my upper body - a common trait in leisure cyclists. 'Spaghetti arms' is the phrase that comes to mind ...

I see it all the time in other cyclists. The ones that do have well-defined upper bodies whisper their secret - perhaps the best-kept secret in fitness and health... dumbbells.

So being a bit frugal, and not wanting to shell out for a gym membership for just one half of my body when the rest of me is just fine, I decided to work out with some dumbbells - but trying to find the perfect dumbbell routine has been confusing.

So many varied opinions, so many slightly different exercises, all with their advocates.

So I was surprised - shocked, even - to find (for me) the PERFECT dumb-bell workout - on a Student Information site. Do students even care about working out and physical fitness?

Aren't they all supposed to be indoors watching Loose Women and Countdown? Jeez, when I was a student it was pizza, beer ansd smoking (tobacco, mostly) - we never cared one jot about our bodies. That was for later in life.

Anyway, I found this workout which is working well, for me, at least. Try it if you're hunting for the best upper-body-only routine - and get on your bike for the rest!