Sunday, May 08, 2011

Benefits Cuts, Suicide Risks, And Deaths ...

Benefits cuts are leading to an increase of suicide risks among claimants. Even the Government agrees.

Otherwise, why would the Department for Work and Pensions send out guidelines on how to deal with suicide threats from claimants [The Guardian] ?

Since April, when I blogged about Jobcentres "Tricking People" Out Of Benefits it would seem that, many more people than usual have had their benefits not just cut, but queried, investigated, suspended - and even refused. On the breadline, it's understandable that some of these people - unable to even eat or feed their children - would suffer stress, depression, and even resort to the last possible, desperate course of action.

This is of course, a separate issues from those refused ESA benefits because they are judged 'able to work' - and subsequently dying from the illnesses that caused themn to be unable to work in the first place.

The Guardian article quotes "a senior jobcentre employee who has worked for the DWP for more than 20 years" as saying "Absolutely nobody has ever seen this guidance before, leading staff to believe it has been put together ahead of the incapacity benefit and disability living allowance cuts."

So it looks on the surface as if the Government knew that this would be the result, and went ahead with their queries, investigations, suspentions and refusals - regardless.

I guess some people have to die to fix the economy, while the rich get richer - and give less and less to charity.