Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Tax Abolished ... In 1936 ...

Just to remind all car drivers, especially those who claim 'cyclists don't pay road tax so we should ignore them' - Road Tax was abolished in 1936, as this blog post from board girl states.

"I have to confess I’m a little late reporting this one, because, in truth, it already has [been abolished]. In 1936, by Winston Churchill. Why? Because he thought the name would lead car drivers to take moral ownership of the roads. Not just a pretty face, eh? That’s right, bike haters, there is no such thing as a road tax. What YOU pay is a VEHICLE tax, in other words, some motorized vehicle drivers pay an annual penalty for driving a petrol guzzling, air polluting, road destroying killing machine."

So just to clarify - Roads are funded by general taxation, whish means we all pay - drivers, cyclists, skateboarders, even pedestrians.

And that means that just because you have a smelly smoke-emitting engine in your vehicle, you have no more rights on the road as anyone else. It's the pollution and road-wear that you think you're paying for. And you're still wrong there.