Friday, April 01, 2011

Biffy Clyro Gear Up For Sonisphere ...

Biffy Clyro ROCKED the Albert Hall - "No spinning drumkits, stage monsters or X-Factor floozies here. Just raw, stripped, shirtless blokes playing sweaty dirty rock n roll. Biffy Clyro just tore the Albert Hall a new emergency exit." [quote from here.]

No doubt at all they are going to make loads of new fans at Sonisphere in July. I will SO be there.

Some quotes from reviews (in case you haven't heard of them !)

“Britains best band blow the roof off her most beautiful venue,“

“While the recorded versions of their songs can be subtle and affecting, the live renditions are strictly and gruntingly physical,”

“Gargantuan, inspirational and all for charity – welcome to the really big time, boys…. Biffy as a huge band still feels strange, but they remain our most vital rock outfit”

“Slinking shirtless onto the stage they began with The Captain, a rock song as grand and theatrical as the Albert Hall itself”

“Is there any other UK band which unites the rock, metal, indie, punk and mainstream communities quite as firmly as Biffy Clyro? I don’t think so and they do it while remaining as inspiring and as original as ever.”

"On stage – no shirts, covered in tattoos, beards and two parts ginger – Biffy Clyro look like wild Scottish highlanders. They kick into “The Captain” like wild horses are tearing them apart."

Full review here.