Sunday, March 27, 2011

TUC March For The Alternative London Demo 2001 ...

Sunday Mirror Front Page
Epic day in London yesterday, as 500,000 marched as one big society (perhaps not the one David Cameron was looking for).

I was one of the Senior Stewards and had a very positive and uplifting experience, with a wonderful atmosphere and excellent and very friendly interaction with the marchers. It was as much fun as the Notting Hill Carnival, just a lot louder and with better music. Couldn't hear the damn radios much.

Liberty were around all day
The main flash point we encountered was outside Fortnum & Masons when we were trapped between UKUnCut, masked Anarchist yobs, and Libyans. Er... time to hide the Pink Hi-Vis and GTFU !!

Media coverage was generally positive, apart from the focus on anarchists, UKUnCut, Resist26, and others, and then the Media has the cheek to ask the TUC GS Brendan Barber if he thought the focus on violence (that they created) would detract from the message! Of course it does.

A Sky News journalist called it the 'perfect peaceful demonstration'. Wow. Never thought I'd ever compliment one of Murdoch's companies. I was, however, dissappointed in some of the BBC News story headlines, particularly these two:
As for the trouble-makers: If you state quite clearly on your forums and websites that it is your firm intention to commit criminal acts, can you be surprised by 'robust' - but legal - police methods?

And I understand that Police are being 'criticised for failing to protect shops and businesses'. Sounds like Sir Philip Green, Boots and Vodafone complaining, then. Well, how much protection do you seek from a Police Force that you don't fund?

On a personal note, It probably wasn't a great idea that after an exhausting day, I got up this morning early again to do a long reconnaisance ride for the Tweed Run on April 9th. See you there if you're going.

Finally, the placard of the day goes to this lady: