Saturday, March 12, 2011

Most Influential Female Londoner of The Century - Leona Lewis ... What?

Crap freebie London news rag The Metro decided to celebrate International Women's Day by running a poll to see who readers considered as the Most Influential Female Londoner of The Century (to live, or work, in London)

So who won? A Suffragette? Women's Rights campaigner? Nope, an X-Factor winner, Leona Lewis. I mean, Jesus Christ. Surely even women would baulk at this? She beat Margaret Thatcher, while 'Mumsnet' founder Justine Roberts, Kids Company charity founder Camila Batmanghelidjh and top female firefighter Dany Cotton made up the top five.

Not only did she win but she got 70% of the vote. What?

Oh, yeah, she's a 'Hackney' girl alright. Before the ink was even dry on her £1m contract she upped stick and buggered off to LA.

And I don't imagine that women around the world looking for a role-model would be best pleased either.