Tuesday, March 22, 2011

London's Rather Cool 'Cycle Task Force' ...

Bumped into a few of London's Cycle Task Force in Trafalgar Square yesterday - seemed to be pretty good guys. The scheme started last June (2010) and has been well received all round.

Chatted to one of the officers for quite a while on their aims and intentions - the good thing is that they really are there for the benefit of cyclist in London (as long as we're within the law!)

Apart from theft prevention and retrieving stolen bikes, they are also running schemes training lorry drivers on cycle-awareness ...

... which would have great for the driver of the Shell tanker who yesterday morning overtook me on the CS7 in Tooting, AND THEN TURNED LEFT right in front of me.

Sharp stop, shouting and my finger-waving aside, I was... unhappy. The tanker driver KNEW how unhappy I was, and so did all the motorists for 100 feet around.