Thursday, March 10, 2011

81% Of Britons Are Still Using Mobile Phones Whilst Driving ...

Yeah, I know, because I see them. All the time.

Despite the fact that using mobile phones whilst driving is illegal it has been revealed that the majority of Britons still use their phone without a hands-free device whilst driving. The use of mobile phones whilst driving has been illegal for just over seven years and it seems that even with the threat of a fine and points on the licence it still is not a deterrent.

The research was undertaken by comparison website Drivers also admitted to texting and emailing.

Sometimes, like last Thursday, I nearly get knocked off my bike by these idiots. On that occasion, I pulled level with him at the lights, smiled gently at the male driver, gently tapped on his window, and as he opened his mouth to (I presume) apologise (but still with phone in hand) I screamed at the top of my voice, so everyone around could hear me clearly - "GET OFF YOUR F*&$%NG PHONE!".

Well, the driver wasn't pleased - quite shocked, in fact, as though the mere fact that he could have easily crushed me was very minor, when compared to the importance of him chatting to his wife about picking up milk on the way home (I'm guessing, here).

Mainly I think he was worried about getting nicked, as the volume level I achieved was, frankly, quite epic, and any copper within 100 yards would have heard my shout. But there's never a rozzer around, is there? All in the station-house filling in forms, maybe.

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