Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What If You Held A Racist Demo And Nobody Came ...

Huge fun in Exeter over the weekend as the racist EDL held a 'Ban The Burka' demonstration. Reports of total turnout for the EDL range from as low as 8 to the giddy heights of 15. When you're outnumbered by photographers you know your cause is lacking support.

In contrast, several hundred Anti-Racists from many different organisations came together in Exeter's Bedford Square in a peaceful celebration of the diversity in Exeter, to show that the City has a proud history of welcoming people of all beliefs and backgrounds to work, study live and visit.

How humiliating for the nazi EDL, who claim 70,000 followers (what they mean is 70,000 'likes' on Facebook. Quite different)

I would imagine that there will be a few more EDL at the next demonstration in Birmingham - but not if the EDL themselves have anything to do with it - as some EDL Facebook posts are quoting the date as the non-existent 30th February.

Yeah, good luck with that!