Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Apple iBlackBerry - Now The Worst Of Both Worlds ...

I admit it. I'm not an iPhone fan (or iTouch, iPad, iTable, iWhateverNext) and I'm lukewarm over Blackberrys. Both are fashionable, stylish - and very over priced for what they do.

Which is why I stick with my HP iPaqs - an rx3715 (left) and an rx1950 (right). Yes I have two. I bought one second-hand after the older one failed on me after 6 years, but I then got the older one repaired, cheaply. (Good luck getting your iPhone repaired for less than what it cost.)

HP iPaq rx3715
HP iPaq rx1950
Both work exactly as they're supposed to, and do almost all that the iPhone, iTouch or any Blackberry does, for a tenth of the cost, with longer battery life, reliable internet connection, and mostly free applications.

(Thanks Ziggy for link on the the 'Crumble' image', from the rather weird b3ta site.)