Monday, February 21, 2011

Latent Existence On Abortion ...

Blogger latentexistence has written an intelligent piece on the subject of abortion and the 'cut-off' date of life (as stated by the 'authorities'), before which abortion is legal. Note that I say 'legal', not 'right'. I'm reserving my judgement.

He begins:
"A lot of my friends on twitter have been discussing abortion from a feminist pro-choice point of view. Many of my friends on Facebook have mentioned abortion from a Catholic pro-life point of view and requested that I go and sign petitions or join groups against it. I’ve decided to try and work out what I think, and probably upset all the Christians AND the feminists in one go."
This is a contentious issue. Doctors have been murdered over this.

I'm still unsure how I personally feel, but latentexistence has clarified the issue.

But then, if your mind's made up, you probably won't be budged anyway, will you? The major problem with even discussing the issue is the deep entrenchment of both sides.