Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jimmy Carr In Kingston For Comic Relief Advert...

Comedian Jimmy Carr was in Kingston's Market Square this morning filming an advert for Comic Relief.

A giant sized replica of his rather large cranium was built to promote a new flavour of crisps named after the TV star.

He is currently competing against Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry and Al Murray to sell the most packets of the snacks. For each sale of Fry Up, Frank Roast Dinner, Jimmy con Carrne and Steak and Al Pie, Walkers will donate 5p to Comic Relief.

(Such a shame Walkers are yet another company with its "offices" based abroad so they can pay less tax, but there you go. What can you do? Not buy their crisps, I suppose.)

The winner will be announced on Red Nose Day, March 18, with the losing three facing the indignity of ... being waxed on national TV.