Thursday, February 10, 2011

French Right Wing Fascist Applauds UK PM Cameron's Anti-Multiculturalism Speech ...

Oh, well done David Cameron.

Not content with his speech stating 'Multiculturalism isn't working' on the same day as the EDL demo in Luton (I was there), now DC should be happy that one of Europe's most right-wing, openly racist MEP's has come out in support of him.

Marine Le Pen is the daughter of the French Fascist, Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the FN ('Front National' - i.e., National Front!) and currently its honorary chairman. The father has been condemned as being an apologist for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and for trivializing the Holocaust. The FN even has it's own 'Army'.

Well, the daughter is a rather nasty piece of work, too.

The leader of FN has praised David Cameron for what she says is an endorsement of her party's far-right views on multiculturalism and immigration and that it was "indisputable" Cameron was moving the Conservatives closer to the traditional positions held by her party.

Muslim and anti-fascist groups questioned the Prime Minister's judgment and sensitivity to the issues, saying he had handed a propaganda coup to the hard-right EDL as 1500 of its supporters marched through Luton chanting anti-Islamic slogans.

Strange bedfellows, Cameron and Le Pen. Not sure how proud DC is of his latest 'fan' but hopefully he's regretting his ill-timed and ill-chosen words.

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