Monday, February 21, 2011

EDL - 8 At Exeter Demo, Now 15 to 30 At Blackburn Demo. Scary ... !

After a turnout of 8 at the EDL Exeter demonstration, An EDL demo against the trialing of 'halal' chicken by KFC protested outside the wrong KFC, in Blackburn on Saturday. Even better, it seems that the 'hordes' of EDL patriots expected actually turned out to be a small handful, with the huge crowds estimated at between 15 and 30.

The EDL claimed 40, 80, or even 150, but then, they would. (They claimed 6000 at the Luton demonstration for a calculated turnout of 1500.)

EDl members claim that the practice is cruel - however we have yet to see a demo outside a kosher food outlet.

Anyway, this issue is all getting a bit heated. I suggest we all go out to dinner to discuss this. I quite fancy fried chicken, does anyone know any good places?