Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Brighton's Beautiful Brand New Stadium ...

This may not be of interest to non-football fans, or even to non-Brighton fans, but it does provide a good example of doggedness and determination overcoming all obstacles.

From initial planning permission, it's taken 13 years of battles, some in court, to fight to get this constructed - and most of those years were times when Brighton were, er, not so great.

But now Brighton, who currently lead League 1, and unlike Liverpool, are still in the FA Cup, will officially open their brand new stadium in July this year.

Brighton's stadium saga has been ongoing since their original home, the Goldstone Ground, was sold in 1995. They stayed there as tenants for another two years before entering into a difficult ground share at Gillingham's Priestfield Stadium, and then moved on to the absolutely awful Withdean Athletic Stadium back in Brighton, where they currently play.

Strangely enough, we have to thank a man who has been pilloried in the press and media for years as the person who finally approved the scheme in October 2005.

Step forward, John Prescott.