Monday, February 21, 2011

Bahrain GP Called Off - F1's Policy Of Placing GP's Rebounds ...

As an F1 fan I've always hated the way that FIA, and Bernie Ecclestone, have chased the new cash around the world by switching GP's from F1's heartland of Europe to places that so few people know about - or care about: Malaysia. China. Korea. Bahrain. Abu Dhabi. Morocco. Not exactly 'core audiences' for F1.

Well, we know about human rights abuses in China - yet the sport continues there. But chasing the oil-money in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain has come back to haunt F1 as this years season opener has been cancelled.

Ecclestone, pictured (who's daughter Tamara presented Sky Sports coverage of the Formula 1 season, nothing to do with Daddy, of course) did not comment on the issue other than the official FIA statement.

However, Williams F1 chairman, Adam Parr, expressed his relief that a decision had been madeby saying "It is clear that to race in Bahrain at this time would be inappropriate given the current circumstances."

Current circumstances ... ?

So I assume then, that past circumstances - the oppresion, lack of democracy, and autocratic rule in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi - are clearly not a problem, only when it finds itself on international TV.

If F1 really wanted to be a global sport - as it claims - then it's GP's would be more evenly spreadworldwide, not just concentrated in Europe (old money) the Far East (new money) and the Gulf (oil money).