Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15-Year-Old Binge Drinker - Me? Problem? Naaa ...

A schoolgirl who drinks more than 10 times the recommended amount for a woman every week insists she isn't an alcoholic. Nicola Weaver, 15, regularly downs ten pints of cider and four cans of lager on a Saturday night and has even ended up in hospital.

But the teenager refuses to mend her ways despite seeing a counsellor and having her mobile and Sky TV box confiscated. "My behaviour is normal for my age," she says. "Drinking's fun and I don't plan to stop. I'd be bored if I didn't drink."

Two months ago, Nicola was hospitalised after she drank around 45 units in one night.

Mind you, she does live in Bridlington. If I lived there I'd probably be tempted.

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