Thursday, January 06, 2011

Starbucks Changes It's Logo And Nobody Cares ...

Stop The Presses - Starbucks are changing their logo. They're dropping the name 'Starbucks' - as they feel that their logo, like Nike, is recognisable worldwide without any lettering. That's feasible, just.

What's more interesting is that along with dropping the name, they're dropping the word 'Coffee' too. Seems they want to diversify away from caffeine products into others such as branded ice-cream.

But let's be honest here. As a long-time coffee-holic I can confirm that Starbucks departed from the True Coffee Path years ago. The watery, flavourless, bland shlop they serve has never been regarded by true coffee fans (except Americans) as the real deal. Starbucks is about branding, expansion, and inventing a new way to make a frappa-cappa-mocha-choca-chino and sell it for £3.50 covered in squirty cream.

Every time I pass a Starbucks these days I sadly shake my head at the sad souls inside, no doubt warmed by their prescence in such a fashionable outlet.

Then I go to Cafe Nerro for a real coffee. Fortunately my local Nerro in Surbiton, Surrey, is run by two real Sicilian brothers who know their stuff.

Over the years they have won many accolades for the quality of their coffee and the overall experience, including being rated as "The best espresso this side of Milan" (Tatler), labelled "The traditional Italian Cafè" (Egon Ronay) and ranked the Best UK Coffee House brand for the ninth year running by UK consumers (Allegra Report, the UK’s definitive guide for the coffee industry).

That's what a coffee shop should be.