Thursday, January 27, 2011

SECS In Kingston. No, You Did Read That Right ...

Did something totally strange tonight. Fun. but strange.

Along with members of Facebook Group 'Surbiton Escalator Choral Society', we did a flash-mob performance at Bentalls of Kingston of Ira & George Gershwin's 'Stairway To Paradise' from 'An American In Paris', originally performed by Georges Gu├ętary in the 1953 musical.

Great fun, and sounded pretty good. This video was the original that we practiced to. We did it without the French accent.

Lots of very surprised looks on faces of various shoppers, but also quite a crowd of onlookers who'd probably heard that something was going on and picked a good spot to watch the performance.

Here's a few quick snaps of the car-park practice and a group of us suspiciously 'milling around' before the event.

The grand finale at the top of the escalator: (thanks to TangleFeet)

Rough cut of video:

PostScript 2/2/2011 - Found another video!