Saturday, January 08, 2011

Firefox Finally Officially Overtakes Microsoft's Internet Explorer ...

Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of Firefox, the world's best browser. Now, in Europe at least, Firefox has officially overtaken Micro$oft's Internet Explorer as the most popular browser being used (In the US, MSIE is streets ahead. I have no idea why. Are Europeans just smarter?)

Why is this important? Well, it seems every day we are bombarded with scare stories of identity theft, personal data loss, backtrack hacks and such. All of which are dealt with far better in Firefox than MSIE.

There are only two reasons why some people don't change; Either, 1: they don't have the knowledge that there are actually alternatives to MSIE or 2: they know but don't care or don't know how to change.

The other threat to MSIE is Google Chrome, which is very good indeed, but I'll stick with Firefox for now because of it's add-ons - particularly DownThemAll!, which doesn't look like appearing on Google Chrome anytime soon.

You can download Firefox here. 5 minutes that will change your internet experience for the better, and for ever.