Saturday, December 04, 2010

Russia And Qatar? Are You Kidding Me ... ?

So Russian Mafia money, Putin's trickery, massive bribery, a corrupt FIFA and openly anti-British sentiment by long-time crook Sepp Blatter has resulted in a World Cup hosting win for Russia. I'm not bitter, really.

They even had international fraudster, blackmailer and thief Roman Abramovich on their team. (If Russia is so wonderful, how come he lives in Wentworth, England?)

Well, the Moscow Mafia will be partying non-stop for days - nothing gets done, moved or built in Moscow or St Petersburg without their approval and several brown envelopes - They'll make more money than ever. Because of their influence, Russia's building standards and safety regulations are nonexistant, and frankly it'll all end in tears and (literal) disaster.

Russia has also been singled out continuously as one of the most racist countries in the world, particularly in the football arenas.

Never mind the BBC making the Panorama programme FIFA's Dirty Secrets on FIFA corruption - that's their job. The timing could have been better, sure, but if FIFA are squeaky-clean, they should be able to brush off these allegations. Sadly, FIFA executives answer to no-one but the chief Blatter.

"Women should wear tighter shorts and low cut shirts to create a more female aesthetic"
- Sepp Blatter
And Qatar? Just because the oil countries have more money than class, should we allow them to purchase every sporting event under the sun? Including events that their population have very little interest in?

What next, Dubai hosts the Superbowl, UAE presents the Cheltenham Gold Cup and The Cricket Ashes live from Yemen?