Monday, December 13, 2010

Pastor Jones On The Way To The UK ... ?

Pastor Terry Jones should not be allowed to place a single toe on British soil.

This is the man, you may remember, who this year advocated the burning of Korans of the anniversary of 9-11. He is a preacher of hate to all faiths not only radical islam, but even some sects of Christianity other than his beloved particular 'cult'.

This is the man who is radical in Christianity as his targets are in Islam - While running his Christliche Gemeinde Köln Church in Germany, press agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported that church members said Jones "ran the Cologne church like a sect leader and used psychological pressure on members", “subordinating all activities to his will".

This is the man who keeps a handgun on his desk as a toy.

This is the man who calls himself 'Doctor' by publicly - and illegally - using an honorary degree from the unaccredited California Graduate School of Theology in 2002.

This is the man who in 2008, was ejected by the congregation in Cologne for being a Christian fundamentalist, due to untenable theological statements and allegations of financial impropriety.

Following an invitation from the English Defence League Jones is considering attending a rally in Luton in the U.K. in February 2011 (the BIG one on the 5th) to share his views on Islamic extremism. This news caused a reaction from the anti-fascist group Hope not Hate which has launched a petition to the Home Secretary to ban Jones from entering the country.

If he is let into the country, I look forward to giving him a... suitable welcome at the airport.


The EDL invitation was very rapidly withdrawn, with no reason given. Result, either way!