Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ignore X-Factor, Pop Idol, Whatever - Rock Lives On...

I have no idea who competed in any TV Talent Show in the last five years, or even who won, because I see no point in watching garbage that is primarily designed to fill Simon Cowell's pockets. All I know is that Rock lives forever. Further to my previous post about Radiohead's 'OK Computer' being voted best album of the last 25 years, it now turns out that music biggest money-makers of the last twelve months were... Bon Jovi.

Yeah, that Bon Jovi. The aging-but-still-going band that started 27 years ago, and are still rocking.

Aussie hard rockers AC/DC came in at No. 2 and U2 were at No. 3. All good so far.

Sadly, and unexplicably, self-publicist Lady Gaga came in at No. 4, but when you consider that the top 3 acts of 2010 are rockers with a combined 98 years in the business, and Lady Gaga will be forgotten by this time next year, we'll let that one slide as a rogue result. Can't see anyone playing her music for the next thirty years, can you?