Sunday, December 05, 2010

BNP And EDL Thugs Run Away In Hull ... !

I'd never have believed it would ever happen, but the BNP is finally showing signs of being a spent force.
On Saturday a planned demo by both organizations outside a Hull mosque attracted only 20 thugs - who were rapidly chased away by several hundred Unite Against Fascism supporters.

Coupled with the fact that the BNP has STILL to audit it's 2010 Election accounts, is leaking floods of members and has reported debts of approx £500,00, I can hear the death bells now. Happy days! British political parties are not allowed to maintain debts over a long period of time, or have election audits outstanding for longer than the permitted time,which means that the BNP will be forced to fold, losing the holocasut-denying Griffin his seat as a Euro MP. Happy, happy days!

Sadly the same is not true of the racist and outright nazi EDL, a far more dangerous group with no 'restriction' as to their recruitment or behaviour, as suffered by the BNP, being a Political Party. We will be watching them carefully - especially in Luton on the 5th of February, when we fully expect to run them out of town again. These days we only get to see the backs of their heads.