Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vodafone's Tax Dodging In The UK ...

UK Mobile Operator Vodafone currently owes £6 billion of taxes to the UK Government, dating way back to 2000.

Let's say that number again - £6 Billion. Which would put a nice dent in those Government cuts that are on the way. And now HMRC has had no choice but to 'let them off' £4.8 Billion.

What was Chancellor George Osborne doing while all this was happening? In India, on a trade visit, promoting Vodafone. No wonder taxpayers and ordinary citizens suffering from cuts are angry, and are starting to boycott Vodafone. Well, they're on my list.

Seems that as well as 'Made In Britain' labels on goods we should be buying, perhaps we need 'Pays Proper Tax In Britain' stickers on some companies products or services.

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