Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cakes Say So Long And Thanks For All The Fish ...

the happy little bunnies play,
all gayley and so sweet,
then kill BANG kill,
the happy bleading bunnies lie,
time to sleep, time to die,
fur all mangled,
wet and red,
their weaping hearts with soon be dead,
breath no more,
smile frozen in dew,
they shead their skin,
all wet shiney and new,
the second life now begins,
the sell by date below the tins,
the tins of beans and sprouts so kindly killed,
such mass slaughter on a vegitable scale,
the cabbage screams as the knife bores in,
the onyions weap and shead their tears,
the lettice now mangled in sald lies,
no one said they would so soon die,
they once had laughter, joy and fun, 
froliking in the feilds of farm. 

-- Kitty Wadlow
-- (C) 2010