Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Birdfeeder Chronicles... Pt 2 - Return Of The Tree Rats

A great many things puzzle me day-to-day (like why my bagel toaster keeps resetting to '5' when I only use it on '3', or why some young short-arse in a car thinks he can intimidate me on a bicycle) but what's been occupying my mind recently is why I need to fill up my birdfeeders - every - single - day. There can't be that many starving birds around Surbiton?

Not long ago I posted about my birdfeeders, constantly visited by various tits and finches, and there's nothing beats sitting at my desk watching them instead of the keyboard and screen. But since I switched to the better 'winter' feed of sunflower seeds, they're both emptying in a day. However, mystery solved... bloody tree rats. Squirrels to you.

Not only are the little bastards nicking the food (a fondness for sunflower seeds over the 'mix' I used to use?) but in their desperation to pig out they're tilting the feeders so that loose seeds spill out the side. Now, I have no objection to other wildlife sharing the feeders, but, jesus, I've actually seen them bully birds and other squirrels to get at the goodies.

I'll resist the temptation to chuck pebbles at them. Think I need a squirrel-proof feeder like this one. I sense a DIY project in the making.